Empty Nesters Dream Home


The moment I saw this house, I could feel how peaceful the interiors are. This is one of those houses you walk by and can’t help but wonder how it looks inside… do you feel that way too? It happens with me all the time! You can easily picture a […] Read more »

7 Powerful Ways To Maintain Momentum After Decluttering


“One quick question: why are we all working so hard for stuff we don’t need, just so you can ‘tidy up’ and give it all way…?” —Carl Richards It’s no secret that removing excess can create an incredible amount of freedom. With fewer things to organize, less financial stress, and […] Read more »

Multipurpose Space Appeals to Boomers


From tech spaces to flex spaces, learn about increasing room versatility. Today’s 50-plus clients are “sophisticated buyers,” explains Mary DeWalt of the Mary DeWalt Design Group in Austin, Texas. “They want what’s new and different,” and they want to customize their homes to fit their interests exactly. That’s where flex […] Read more »

Custom Built-In Designs


Built-In Bookcases The home office includes built-in bookcases with both open and closed storage. While files remain behind closed doors, color-coordinated books, vintage-style trophies and cultivated artwork are on display. Transitional Built-In Closet When a closet has this much built-in storage space, it makes sense to have a chair in […] Read more »

Housing Trends for Baby Boomers


New Features Keep Pace with this Active Generation Baby boomers, who were the largest American generation until the Millennials took over, are either retired or quickly nearing retirement age. Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964 and who count more than 76 million, may be getting older, but they are definitely […] Read more »

Houses Designed For Empty-Nest Baby Boomers


WHEN Gerrie Schmidt saw a luxurious single-family home development being built in her neighborhood “I lusted after it immediately,” she said. She and her husband, Bob, waited for their children to be out of the house before buying a 3-bedroom house, with Jacuzzi, Palladian windows and extraordinary views. The development, […] Read more »

43 Extremely creative small kitchen design ideas


Are you wanting to transform your small and compact kitchen into a dream kitchen but you’re unsure of where to start? Here are several articles  on kitchen design, including Bright and colorful kitchen design inspirations, Gorgeous and inspirational kitchens, and Vintage chic kitchens from Marchi Cucine. The reality is, most […] Read more »

How to Downsize in Retirement: Checklist and Tips


Downsizing from your big house in the suburbs could be one the smartest retirement decisions you make. Assuming your children are grown and out of the house, there is usually not much logic in having all of those extra bedrooms to heat, maintain, clean, insure, and pay taxes on. Generally […] Read more »

Downsizing Your Home: 7 Ways To Organize And Simplify Your Empty Nest


  Americans are stressed out, and their cluttered homes aren’t helping matters: A recent Huffington Post survey found that 84 percent of recently stressed Americans say they worry that their home isn’t clean or organized enough. And according to recent Ikea data, Americans spend an average of 55 minutes per […] Read more »