21 Benefits of Owning Less

Minimalist Condominium Bedroom Interior Design

Minimalist living is countercultural. It is contrary to every advertisement we have ever seen because we live in a society that prides itself on the accumulation of possessions. But there is more joy to be found owning less than can be found pursuing more. Consider just some of the benefits of […] Read more »

25 Things to Know About Universal Design

kitchen universal design

1. Make sure the main entrance and at least one other exterior passage are accessible to everyone. They should have no steps and thresholds that are no more than 1/2 inch high. 2. Entering with packages and other items can be difficult, so include a covered entry and provide a […] Read more »

Downsizing your Home | Lifestyle Change


 Reasons you may be downsizing your home Your present house is larger than your needs – the children may have all left home to make their own homes. The yard may involve a lot of work that you don’t want to or can’t spend the time doing. Cementing a large […] Read more »


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New research shows that consumers aged 55 and older will buy more than half of the new U.S. homes in the next five years. The 79 million Americans who are age 55 and older have more wealth than any other group, which makes them not only the most attractive demographic […] Read more »

We Want More Walkable Neighborhoods — but Can Our Communities Deliver?


 “The most requested neighborhood characteristic of all buyers is walkability,” real estate broker Andrea Evers recently told a reporter for The Washington Post. But, in an article written by thePost‘s Michele Lerner, Evers went on to say that “very few areas” in the greater DC market meet the desired criterion, particularly […] Read more »

How to Successfully Downsize Your Home


The era of the McMansion is coming to an end. Families are recognizing the benefits of downsizing to smaller homes over enormous showplaces. When was the last time you used your formal living room, guest room, media room, or dining room? How much do those unused rooms cost in your […] Read more »

Baby Boomers Want Space, Lifestyle Amenities in Apartments


What kind of neighborhood are boomers looking for? Today’s developers are getting just as creative in where they build as in what they build. Billy Pettit has a unique outlook on what seniors housing is and what it won’t be very soon. “Seniors, today, tend to follow the rules and […] Read more »

The Hottest Trends In Boomer Travel


How much do baby boomers love to travel? According to industry research, we spend $157 billion on trips every year and many polls rank travel as our No. 1 leisure activity. Recently, the Preferred Hotel Group teamed up with Harrison Group, a marketing research firm, to learn more about boomers’ travel preferences. “This […] Read more »