Green Space: It’s a Win Win


Green design can be beautiful say designers Vasi Ypsilanti and Margreet Cevasco who proved their point when they chose earth-friendly products for a showhouse in New York. “You don’t have to compromise on quality and good design because a product is green. Even if only a handful of products in […] Read more »

The Next Big Thing in Urban Planning? Backyard Cottages


As the days of suburban sprawl give way to those of urban density in U.S. metros—”smart growth,” most call it—providing sufficient housing remains a challenge. Decades of planning regulations and highway patterns support single-family homes built far outside a city center. Even in areas where big residential towers make sense, […] Read more »

6 Hot Kitchen Design Trends for 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 9.59.25 PM

Here are the top suggested kitchen design ideas for 2015 to keep in mind if you’re considering a kitchen renovation: Gray Kitchen Cabinets: Various shades of white colored cabinets will continue to stay popular, but gray is the shade that leading designers are betting on to break white’s lead next year. […] Read more »

The Brightest Smile—in Color!


The therapeutic value of color took the lead in this dental practice. Research shows that emotionally intense red stimulates circulation and alertness; orange increases confidence and joy; green reduces claustrophobia and anxiety and aids healing; and blue lowers negativity and stress while promoting weight loss and skin rebuilding. So the […] Read more »

Green Design for Kitchen: O2 BAMBOO?


Why the name O2 Bamboo? One of the amazing attributes of Bamboo is its ability to absorb the ever increasing levels of carbon dioxide from our earth’s atmosphere, and creating oxygen, or “O2”. In fact, it creates a lot of O2. Bamboo’s leafy canopy produces up to 35% more O2 […] Read more »

Color Wave™ Line Extension Glass Mosaics


Colorful glass and glowing mosaics make up Color Wave from Daltile. With jovial tones and fresh dimensions, this collection is fashion-forward, trendy and chic. Create a space that pops with personality and drama using the vibrant color offering, or bask in the radiance of the Classic Solid colors and coordinating […] Read more »