Think Concrete Can’t Reflect Light?


Think again! A light-reflecting material that also displays all the practical qualities of concrete, BlingCrete™ has the capability to bounce incoming rays of light—from either the sun or artificial light—back in the same direction. With its wide range of color options and its unique, individually manufactured textures and images, BlingCrete […] Read more »

Make A Small Space Seem Larger


Do you have a small room that you wish was larger? Here are three tips to fool the eye: 1. Use Small, Reflective Furniture For small areas, designer Claudia Benvenuto uses furniture that doesn’t seem to take up a lot of room, like the glass cocktail table in her living […] Read more »

“Designing” Structure

A lot of people disregard the structural elements when having their space redesigned by either just not doing anything to them or just throwing a simple coat of paint on them. Broaden your design thinking and look into products such as Moz Designs’ column covers. These vibrant covers will turn […] Read more »

Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better!


Tiny versions of things are generally cuter than the original. See: Puppies, babies, mini-desserts, even replicas of designer chairs feel more special than their life-sized counterparts. But rarely does a fun-size version of something pack as much utility and genius into something…until of course, we saw Clei’s “Ecooking,” the company’s […] Read more »