Rethinking the Shower…Go Horizontal!


If you are looking for the most luxurious and relaxing shower experience, you need look no further than the Horizontal Shower which permits showering using the ambiance tuning technique while reclining. This application combines six water bars recessed into a broad shower field above a reclining space as the main […] Read more »


Vanities 1

Vanities can determine the overall feel of a space. That is why it is important to pick one that you will treasure. But you cannot base your selection on looks alone – a vanity is intended for function. It should provide storage and comfort and allow you to move about the space with ease. There […] Read more »

Green Space: It’s in the Air


Indoor air quality is one of the most important environmental issues. Magazine articles and books on the subject of green living and eco-friendly products are flooding the market. Start with a book, such as The Healthy House by John Bower for great ideas that are friendly to your environment. Here […] Read more »

Pets and Interiors


If you can’t imagine living without a dog or cat, but don’t want to compromise your sense of personal style here are a few carpeting tips for co-existing! Wall to wall carpeting: Dogs and cats spend a lot of time lying around doing, well, nothing. With wall-to-wall carpeting, they get […] Read more »

Cabinet “Jewelry”

Top Knobs 3

If you are looking to add a little flair to a kitchen or bathroom, consider using Top Knobs to adorn your cabinetry. The company’s wide selection of traditional and modern decorative hardware is the product of a creative design staff and talented craftsmen. Each knob is hand-finished and sealed to ensure […] Read more »