Transform Your Interior Office Space With This “Skylight”

Sky Factory 1

Sky Factory has a vision of bringing nature indoors. To do this, the company creates ceilings and windows featuring beautiful displays of nature that would brighten up any space. We like to use their SkyCeiling when renovating dental or healthcare facilities. The light and connection to nature that it provides makes it ideal […] Read more »

Not Your Grandfather’s Country Club


Sustainability and Longevity The words “country club” used to conjure up images of paunchy, aging men in Sansabelt slacks, drinking martinis after a few rounds on the golf course. Today, country clubs feature fine dining, fitness centers and activities for youngsters. These expanded amenities and improved architecture have increased memberships […] Read more »


Kitchen & Bath - Tile 2

Tile can add interest to a room just like an unusual lighting fixture or a bright pillow sham. We often overlook the unique uses this material has to offer. Tile has made tremendous advances in both aesthetics and technology. Wood-look tile is a trend that is continuing to increase in popularity, and many companies are […] Read more »

A Growing Trend: Phased Remodeling


Of homeowners considering remodeling projects, 35% plan to renovate their home in stages according to the National Association of Home Owners. If you are contemplating a renovation but want to implement it over time, start by making your PLAN. First, create a long range WISH LIST for the renovations you […] Read more »

A Space for Everyone

Kitchen & Bath - Space for Everyone 1

Universal Design is on the rise and its elements are being implemented into more and more homes.  You don’t even need to be physically handicapped or approaching your senior years to appreciate the benefits. Universal Design focuses on creating spaces for everyone to use, regardless of age or circumstance, without compromising […] Read more »

Designer Tricks to a More Comfortable Home


Decorators share how they make a house feel more cozy. 1. Have comfortable dining room seating: A deep banquette in a dining area is dressier and more relaxed than just chairs. And throw in a few pillows for color and comfort. 2. Kick back with an ottoman: Putting your feet […] Read more »

Tree-Shaped Farm-On-A-Skyscraper Could Bring Acres of Crops Into Cities


So far, most existing vertical farms look like big greenhouses or plant factories–all of the action happens on the inside. But a new design concept from Aprilli Design Studio takes a different approach, using lightweight decks to provide growing space outdoors on the sides of a giant skyscraper. The architects […] Read more »