A Second Set of Eyes

Looking for “a second set of eyes” before you start your next design project?  Take a look at our latest article in The Women’s Journal, or contact us! Read more »

Its All in the Details VI

Want a unique backsplash design in your kitchen? Try Diamond Tech Tiles’ mosaic gold swirl glass tiles. These stunning tiles come in 24 colors and have a beautiful rich texture to them as well as beautiful accent colors that will be captured in the light. Read more »

Bold Color III

This stunning sculpture looks like some form of rare crystals rather than glass! This glass sculpture was designed by Joel Berman Glass Studios. It adds a creative flair and a playfulness to the space. The stunning deep colors of red, blue, and purple are enhanced further with lighting that creates […] Read more »

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Lead people to where they need to get to as well as create a look of sophistication in a space with Glass Ore by TGP. These glass blocks are hand cast and can be applied as an interior or exterior product. These lit blocks will add warmth and glamor to […] Read more »