Stuck Between Retro and Modern?

If your stuck between choosing, then it is very simple: choose both! This stunning kitchen uses a retro stove with a modern range hood added. There is also a mix of retro and modern with the cabinetry, which uses retro door cabinets, modernized with brilliant white paint and new hardware! […] Read more »

Unique Use of a Standard Design Accent

No your eyes are not playing tricks on you! Those are ceiling medallions on the wall. Typically used to accentuate ceiling lights, this unique use of using it on a wall makes this a visually intriguing wall. It also makes it much more dynamic than the typical coat of paint […] Read more »

Its all in the Details II

Add both antique and modern flair together in a room with this Soho semi-flush light by Lightopia. Inspired from the rainforest, the steel accents twist and curl like a vine sprouting forth while still mantaining an antique feel with the use of bronze coloring. Read more »

A Twist on the Bathroom Vanity

Add a subtle “wow” factor to any mundane bathroom with this modern sink and vanity combination by Wetstyle. These vanites will command attention and add beauty to any bathroom. For those individuals who live in smaller homes, many of Wet Style’s vanites have great amounts of storage space. What a […] Read more »

Is it Granite?

Wrong! Its a sample of Ice Stone’s durable surfaces collection. This material gives the look and feel of granite but is much more environmentally friendly because it is made of recycled glass and concrete. There are multiple types of colored glass combinations to choose from depending on your aesthetic tastes! Read more »

Who Says Art Needs to be on a Wall?

Instead of taking up space on a wall with art why not combine lighting and art together? This solution is possible by the Light Art collection by 3-Form. These unique “lights” can come in any custom shape, style or size to fit a client’s needs as well as come in […] Read more »

Why Settle for a Standard Partition Wall?

There are plenty of products out there that can make a standard partition wall aesthetically interesting. But one of the most unique products offered on the market for partition wall is Varia Ecoresins by 3-Form. This translucent panel comes with various infill layers including organic material such as flowers that […] Read more »

Cascade Coil Drapery

Are you in need for some unique interior design elements for that giant blank canvas you have for a lobby? Try Cascade Coil Drapery. This woven wire fabric can be used to create intimate spaces in a larger space while still allowing light and air to pass through these more intimate spaces. Combining […] Read more »

Modular Arts

Paint can only do so much for a wall. Try something different. Modular Arts Panels. These panels will breath new life into any accent wall. Instead of having a flat plain wall, you will have a dynamice undulating wall that will almost look as though it is moving. Combine with […] Read more »