Ceiling Detail…

When is the last time you wished your ceiling was more interesting than white drywall?  Here are several examples of millwork detail that establish a ceiling as “A Design Feature”… add a fabulous light and let it show off even more! Read more »

Material Color: You Eat With Your Eyes

Have you ever been in a restaurant that, while the food and service were great, your overall impression was “I don’t want to go back there?”  Conversely, a restaurant that combines great food, services… and the right decor and color will likely keep you coming back. Follow the link to learn […] Read more »

The NEW Attention Deficit

Are you finding it harder & harder to focus?  Chris Brogan has some great tips that just might help… click here to read his article Read more »

Accents that make sense

If you are looking for a way to create dramatic yet quick change to a room try painting an accent wall… But before you paint just ANY wall make sure that the wall you choose to accent makes sense. Read more »

The $60 Million Dream House

Homes looking for Buyers!  Move-in condition…  If you have $50 or $60 million you might be able to get the house of your dreams in Miami, Aspen, or Palm Beach.  The luxury market is bouncing back after a 3 year hiatus..Click here to read full article from the Wall Street […] Read more »