Tips for “Greening” the Kitchen

  There’s a color sweeping the nation…and it’s green! Many people are beginning to understand the impact, or carbon footprint, that their lifestyle choices make on the planet. As a result, they’re starting to seek ways to reduce their impact. One way they can do so is by turning their […] Read more »

8 Hot Kitchen Trends for 2010

What’s cooking in kitchens? Consider first a few of the factors influencing today’s culinary workspace design. Baby Boomers are hitting retirement age, lending standards have tightened, consumers have swallowed a slice of frugal pie, and the number of single households – particularly single women – is rising steadily. All of […] Read more »

Can Green Be Luxurious and Beautiful? …Trends in Eco-Conscious Interiors

Our clients are frequently surprised when they realize that they can have both beautiful and green interiors. With the rapidly expanding range of high quality and aesthetically pleasing sustainable materials now available, we try to introduce green selections and processes into each of our projects. Client awareness in eco-friendly products […] Read more »


Consider these facts that will influence future workspace design: 1. In 2010 the first wave of baby boomers will turn 62 2. By 2020 16.5% of the American population will be over 65 3. By 2030 more than 70 million Americans will be over 65 This demographic shift is a […] Read more »

Virtual Skylight

SkyV by Sky Factory is a ceiling-mounted system of HD LCD screens integrated into a faux skylight frame that presents the ever-changing moods and seasons of nature to occupants below. Displaying the formation and dissolution of cloud patterns, branches of breeze-blown trees, and the changing light and color of sunrise […] Read more »