12 Things to Never EVER Throw Out When You’re Downsizing

We tapped three organizing experts to tell us what items in your home are worth finding space for. shutterstock_16907491

1. Family heirlooms. Sterling silver candlesticks from your great, great grandmother should make the cut,” says Professional Organizer, Barbara Reich. “Evaluate these and again, which ones are truly meaningful to you and your family currently?” advises Watson. “Which ones do you truly love and value? These are the ones to keep and take with you to your new home.”

2. Electronics of any sort. At least until you’ve completely wiped out all your personal information. “I can’t tell you the number of people who go on massive de-cluttering binges and don’t take the time to clear all their personal information,” warns professional organizer and owner of Metropolitan Organizing, Geralin Thomas, who also worked on A&E’s Hoarders.

3. Photographs. “You may need to digitize these, but you don’t want to lose them,” says Reich.

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