11 Must haves in baby boomer homes for a better retirement lifestyle

baby-boomers4 Baby boomers have either reached the age of retirement or are getting close. And, for many boomers, timely questions arise, including where’s an ideal place to retire and what sort of lifestyle is desired.BoardroomMetrics.com takes it a step further to ask, what are the “must haves” for retirement lifestyle. Here are results by writer Tina Jagros. 


“As a baby boomer, I want to be happy with my retirement lifestyle!”

Identifying the specifics of what it is we are looking for in our next home is key to finding that happiness. Our diversity, as I mentioned in my first blog has made it clear that there is no “one size fits all” approach for us. We can certainly use the “5 Real Estate Trends” to help us answer the question of where we will live. But what are we looking for in the home itself? What attributes will make it perfect for us now?

Quite simply it’s all about us. We want to be active doing the things we love, while offloading things we don’t. So what does that mean in our new home?

Here are 11 Must Haves in the Ideal Baby Boomer Retirement Home

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