10 Design Tips for Stress Free Holiday Decorating

Who said holiday decorating has to be stressful?

Here are 10 design tips that I have used myself that will help you get the results you want- and help you enjoy the process!

  1. Decide which rooms you will be spending the most time in.  Focus on these rooms. If those areas are decorated well, you don’t have to worry about the rest.
  2. Draw a quick outline of those rooms. Showing furniture, fireplace, etc. and where you want to place the tree
  3. Make a list on the plan of what needs to be done in each room (i.e. move chair, wreath above fireplace, garland on staircase)
  4. Check you inventory – Know what you HAVE (will be using), know what you NEED (make a list), TRY to get all shopping done at one time
  5. Create a decorating “schedule” that works for your lifestyle and schedule. If you area a “night owl” schedule a few hours each night (after the kids have gone to bed) to implement your plan.  Break your schedule into parts so it can be implemented over the course of 7 days & you can see the progress.
  6. Do not attempt to do it all yourself, delegate! Involve your family in your plan.
  7. Get “Core Decorating” done first. Move the necessary furniture, get the tree up, get tree lighting done- then have fun with the details!
  8. Edit.  Less is more. REALLY! We have all seen rooms that are “too much”.  Isn’t simpler better?  Less time, effort- less to put away after the holidays.  More time with family and friends
  9. Have Fun! Enjoy the process, put on music that you enjoy, sing, relish the memories that have been made- and that you will be making
  10. If you are overwhelmed- Barter! Have a friend who is really good at decorating… and loves it?  Ask for help.  Are you a great baker?  Barter your treats with your friend… you will both benefit!

Most importantly- enjoy the process and take time to enjoy the true meaning of the holiday season

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